Spark of Joy

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Spark of Joy

Three years at HackerRank

Those of you who know me, know that I hate adventures of any kind. My response is a BIG NO to roller coasters, giant wheels and anything that is to do with varying heights and gushes of adrenaline. My answer is a BIG NO to a ball being thrown at me, my world stands still, and I get super nervous when I have to throw the ball back at someone!  HackerRank has been that rollercoaster that I jumped on in …

Never be afraid to Experiment!

No, I am not preaching but writing this as a reminder to myself and a takeaway from something that happened in the recent past.The week of 5th September was a week of experiments with a team at HackerRank that works on expanding HackerRank’s expertise in more ways than what it is now. In other words, they are “experimenting” to diversify HackerRank – The Labs team. How it all started: During their quarterly offsites in Bengaluru, teams plan a day out …